Dark Apple Theme

Dark Apple Theme

A chunk of Apple on your Symbian phone


  • Cool glowing Apple logo
  • Dashboard-style menu background


  • Icons aren't very 'Maccy'


Ordinarily, the only time you'll see an Apple logo on a mobile device is on an iPhone. Not so however, if you install the Dark Apple Theme on your Symbian S60 5th Edition phone.

The Dark Apple Theme applies a bold black and white background wallpaper featuring the famous fruit-shaped logo. The smoky glow that lifts from the apple is very effective, and the whole image is very striking.

The Dark Apple Theme also makes tweaks to your menu system, adding a carbon-style effect similar to the one you'll find in the Mac Dashboard. It includes a new set of stencil icons that look OK, if a little weedy. I would've preferred to see shiny, Mac-style icons instead, but I guess you can't have everything.

The Dark Apple Theme makes for a nice change of scenery for Mac fans, although the 'Applizing' of the Symbian interface doesn't go far enough, in my opinion.

Dark Apple Theme


Dark Apple Theme

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